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Vegetarian B&B owner on BBC 6 music, makes listeners salivate describing her food

November 2, 2013
Made with coconut milk

Vegan chocolate mouse, made with coconut milk

Andrea, owner of vegetarian B&B, 3 place des arbres, had listeners salivating when she described her evening menu on the Radcliff and Maconie show on BBC 6Music on Friday 25th October 2013. The menu (pumpkin soup, caramalised onion and tapenade tart, made with gluten free pastry, and a vegan chocolate mouse) was enjoyed by our guests too. If you missed it you can hear it below.

French children unable to identify vegetables

May 24, 2013

Le Monde reports a survey of French children aged between 8 and 12 today.

fresh vegetables bought from our local market

A quarter of the school children did not know chips were made from potatoes. 87% could not identify a beetroot, and 1 in 3 could not spot a leek.

40% did not know  ham came from pigs, or that steak haché came from cows.

Tripadvisor certificate of excellence 2013 awarded to vegetarian bed and breakfast in France

May 22, 2013


3 place des arbres, chambres et tables d’hôtes, vegetarian bed and breakfast are please to announce that for the second year running they have been awarded a Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence. This is only awarded to the top 10% of businesses on Tripadvisor.

“We would like to thank all our guests for their kind words. We look forward to seeing you again soon!”

Bruce and Andrea,

At the time of publication 3 place des arbres has 57 reviews and is rated 5/5 by it’s guests

Guest Post: Staying Vegan While On Vacation by Cole Millen

May 7, 2013

It is easy to stick to a routine when everything stays the same. However, it is difficult for many dieters to be consistent when something changes. Going on vacation is challenging because dieters lose focus and splurge. Those who are on a vegan diet do not have to give up while on the road. It is not always easy to find vegan meals, but it is possible stick to a vegan diet and eat healthy while on vacation without much hassle.

Bring Food Along

It is always smart to pack snacks. Trips never go as planned and it can be hard to know when or where the next meal will happen. Having snacks around saves money and offers an energy boost while on the go. Plus, not every restaurant caters to vegans. Travelers may have to make many substitutions to a dish before it is ready to eat, and the leftover result may be simple and bland.  No one should have to settle for lackluster dishes while on vacation. Travelers should pack their favorite vegan condiments and discretely use them on food to increase the flavor.

Research before Travel

No one is truly a stranger in a strange land thanks to the internet and travel guides. Travelers research climates, hotels and attractions before vacationing anywhere, and it is smart for vegans to research food options. Looking into the customs of an area, finding vegan friendly restaurants nearby a hotel and searching specifically for vegan cuisine is helpful before travel.

The most helpful pieces of advice will come from fellow vegans so. Look for blogs or reviews of hotels and restaurants to find tips from others. There may be specific vegan groups from an area on the internet, or a few travelers may have listed how they survived in a new location on a vegan diet. In my most recent travel to the west coast, I found a great site that allowed for me to better prepare for my trip by reading the reviews on Las Vegas hotels and finding vegan alternatives in the midst of the heavily condensed buffet zone. Being prepared beforehand will help travelers enjoy the sights without worrying about the food.

Learn the Language

Venturing across the world means there might be a language barrier. While people in many countries speak English, it is helpful to learn a few phrases in the native language. Do not just look for translations of the word “vegan” because this often just means a simple meal in other cultures. Assemble a list of basic vocabulary words that relate to foods vegans typically eat. This lets travelers inquire for specific and well liked items. Foreign countries often offer unique foods. There many be special vegetables or vegan dishes that a country is known for. Look up the vocabulary for local foods to try new vegan items.

Offer Ideas at Restaurants

Restaurants try to accommodate patrons, but many wait staff are not always familiar with the needs of a vegan diet. It may fall to the guest to ask questions and make suggestions to help inform the staff. Knowing what a restaurant offers beforehand and having ideas ready helps the process of dining out go smoothly. Those who are friendly and explain their dietary needs while making polite suggestions should find that the restaurant is willing to make changes.

Cook While on the Road

Eating out for the entirety of a vacation is the fastest way to gain weight and lose money. Most accommodations have a kitchen area, so travelers should plan to cook a few meals. Cooking gives vegans total control of a meal and can be a worthwhile experience. This lets travelers visit authentic markets, buy local foods and create their own recipes. Making dinner in a different setting can be as memorable an occasion as anything else on a trip.

Staying on a vegan diet while on vacation is not impossible. Some people may encounter locations that do not have vegan options, but all vacations have setbacks. Maintaining a positive attitude and laughing over challenges helps make the most of any vacation. There is always another restaurant nearby, and no one will starve will trying to uphold a vegan diet on vacation. Researching the area, planning beforehand and being flexible make it possible to have an enjoyable, exciting and relaxing vegan vacation.

Cole Millen is an avid traveler and foodie who never forgets that life’s best memories are made through real life apprehension of legitimate “experiences.”  

Please visit his blog:

Everyone to be vegetarian by 2050? Even the French?

August 29, 2012

A report by the Stockholm International Water Institute reported in the Guardian newpaper and then picked up by a blog on the French newspaper Le Monde site sparked a debate on the amount of meat that is consumed, and the need to reduce the intake of meat.

Humans derive about 20% of their protein from animal-based products now, but this may need to drop to just 5% to feed the extra 2 billion people expected to be alive by 2050, the Guardian reported.

Many of the comments on the blog reflected the need to reduce meat production and consumtion, amongst the predictable veggie-bashing comments!


New contemporary fine art, on display in vegetarian b&b

July 26, 2012

Cally Carter, contemporary fine artist, has several pieces on display in the vegetarian chambres d’hôtes (


All the pieces are available for sale, 3 place des arbres doesn’t take any commission, all proceeds go directly to the artist, Cally Carter (

Guest post: Eating vegetarian

July 4, 2012

This post was sent in by Jillian Mckee. Jillian McKee has worked as the Complementary Medicine Advocate at the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance since June of 2009. Jillian spends most her time on outreach efforts and spreading information about the integration of complementary and alternative medicine when used in conjunction with traditional cancer treatment. You can read more about the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance at the bottom of this post, or you can visit their website.

Eating Vegetarian

According to the Guardian, vegetarians are less likely to experience cancer than people who eat meat. While researchers agree that more study is needed, the truth of the matter is that it seems eating a vegetarian diet can be beneficial in many ways. If you have just entered treatment for mesothelioma cancer or you are in a place where you are currently in remission from breast cancer, you may be curious to see how vegetarianism can affect your life.

In the first place, remember that vegetarianism means that you are not eating any meat at all, though you are still allowed to eat meat by-products. Things like eggs, cheese and milk are still okay if you choose and they will supply you with the protein that you need. For many people who are coming to a vegetarian diet for the first time, a certain amount of study is necessary to find out how to eat healthy when an entire food group has been eliminated. This is where consulting a nutritionist or a dietitian can be very helpful.

If you are just getting started with eating vegetarian, you may find that you are hungry very often. It takes a while for the body to stop craving meat and when you notice that you are craving meat, there are many different things that you can do. For example, consider taking a moment to think about what might replace the meat craving. This is where meat substitutes that are meant to mimic meat can come in. Take a trip to your local supermarket to find out what your favorite supplements might be.

Consider what your options are when it comes to getting more interesting vegetarian meals at home. Many of the vegetarian options that you can get at a restaurant are quite dull or they are simply side orders that are not very filling. This can become very frustrating, so learn to cook for yourself. There are many delicious vegetarian dishes out there. Look for recipes for roasted vegetables and also consider how you can use spices to add savor to your food. This is a wonderful way to get all the nutrients that you need.

Another thing that you might consider is meeting up with other vegetarians. If all of your friends and family are meat eaters, difficulties can arise. There are plenty of vegetarian meet-up groups, particularly in the larger cities, and you can meet to trade recipes and have great meals together. This is something that can make a huge difference to you, especially if you have been feeling a little isolated with your new eating habits.

When you are curious about how you can eat your way to good health, consider vegetarianism. This is a large change, but it can make a huge impact on your health.


The Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance is dedicated to serving mesothelioma victims and their families.

Malignant mesothelioma is a rare type of cancer that occurs in the thin layer of cells lining the body’s internal organs, known as the mesothelium. There are three recognized types of mesothelioma. Pleural mesothelioma is the most common form of the disease, accounting for roughly 70% of cases, and occurs in the lining of the lung known as the pleura. Peritoneal mesothelioma occurs in the lining of the abdominal cavity, known as the peritoneum and pericardial mesothelioma originates in the pericardium, which lines the heart.

An individual may be at risk to develop mesothelioma if he or she was exposed to asbestos in the workplace or at home. Mesothelioma is caused by exposure to asbestos and the inhalation of asbestos particles. In most cases, mesothelioma symptoms will not appear in an individual exposed to asbestos until many years after the exposure has occurred. Those with a past asbestos exposure history experiencing symptoms should consult a physician with experience in accurately diagnosing mesothelioma. The earlier mesothelioma is diagnosed, the more likely it is to be caught at an early stage. At earlier stages of mesothelioma progression, more treatment options are available and oftentimes a better prognosis is given.


This was a guest post,  any inaccuracies should be addressed to the author. If you would like to submit an article for publication on this blog (must be linked to vegetarianism or veganism) please contact us. Please note we do do not make any profit from this blog and therefore are unable to pay for contributions.

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