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Vegetarian and vegan products

This list is as accurate as it can be (but be aware that products can change their ingredients without informing us! so please make your own checks!).


Chateau Corbiac (click on the link to read more)


Felis (click on the link to read more)


Paysange (click on the link to read more)


Harissa (click on the link to read more)
Le Sojami – A company based in South West France. “We manufacture vegan products only and they are also certified organic and lacto-fermented (except for the rice-milk desserts). They are alternatives to dairy products, including vegan fresh cheese, vegan pates, tofus, vegan ice creams, biscuits, egg and dairy free mayonnaise etc.” You should be able to find their products in virtually all health shops in France. The products are also available in the UK. Website in French, English and Spanish – a company specialising in delivering vegetarian and vegan products in France

If you would like to be listed on the products page of this site please email us ( Listing is free.

Disclaimer: we can not be held resonsible if producers change their products, or if they have not been truthful in reporting their vegetarian/vegan status. If you have any information about any products please let us know
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  1. Fey permalink
    July 15, 2009 11:06 pm

    I’m going to be spending 3 months in France at the end of this year, and am curious if all of the regular vegetarian ingredients (TVP, tofu, tempeh, seitan or vital wheat gluten) will be available, and if so, what their french names are so I can ask for them properly. Where would be the best place to find these products? Natural food stores?

    I am considering hoarding some TVP in my luggage with me, but this would be a bit silly if it is freely available!

    I will be staying in Strasbourg if that makes any difference.

    Thanks in advance. 🙂

    • Humpbuckle permalink
      July 23, 2009 11:58 am

      Hi Fey,

      Tofu is available in all supermarkets (as are other soya products, like milk and yogurts). TVP you can get from organic shops (organic is known as Bio), and you can also find most other things in the larger Bio shops. If you are staying in a big city then you shouldn’t have any problems. It probably wouldn’t do you any harm to bring your own supply to begin with, until you find the best store.

      Good luck!

      • Fey permalink
        July 23, 2009 12:44 pm

        Thanks for the reply Humpbuckle! 🙂

        Are the larger bio shops a chain? If so, which should I keep an eye out for?

        It’s good to know I won’t have to worry as much. I found a vegetarian pizzaria not far from where I will be staying too!

      • Humpbuckle permalink
        July 23, 2009 2:12 pm

        Just look out for the word Bio and you should be fine. I don’t know of any large chains, but we live in an area without big shops (the nearest McDonalds is over 40km away- hurrah!).

  2. Kinda Bexy permalink
    April 14, 2016 8:39 am

    I think I will need to buy things to be delivered, so learning all about that is another thing to add to the [Stuff to learn] list. Where to buy gluten flour to make seitan, the nicest yeast extract made in France, nice vegan cheese that melts…

  3. Lisa permalink
    July 19, 2016 11:45 pm

    Hello, I am going to Arcachon for two weeks in August, self catering, and wondering how easily I’ll find vegan products please, if anyone knows? Don’t need fancy meat substitutes, basics will do as I cook from fresh a lot anyway. Thanks.

    • July 21, 2016 9:11 am

      Hi Lisa, there are a few vegan products readily available. Tofu, soya milk, oat milk (and other non animal milks) are available in most supermarkets (probably in the organic – Bio – sections. You will be able to find more vegan products in Bio shops (organic/health food shops). Hope this helps 🙂

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