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Gnocchi with a twist

September 10, 2010

Last night I over-estimated the amount of mash potato one hungry person could eat. Faced with another meal of mash I scoured the internet for recipes and decided to make two dishes: potato cakes and gnocchi.

As usual I used a recipe found on the internet for the general idea of what to do and then did my own thing. For gnocchi I found this basic recipe very useful. I love gnocchi, but I like to make it more nutritious with some protein and fibre inside.

I used mash potato, which I had also added the following: Dijon mustard, left over carrots and peas, mixed herbs, a few jalopenos, about 5 stoned and chopped olives  and a tin of chickpeas (265g) which I mashed together.

I then added an egg and about 600g of flour (I used a mixture of chickpea, sarrasin and plain flour).

I then mixed it all together to form a dough which I then kneeded for 5 minutes on a floured surface (adding more flour as necessary).

I then devided the mixture into 6 balls. Taking one at a time I rolled it into a rope around 2cm thick. I then 2cm pieces off the rope and using a fork marked each piece, rolling it to form the gnocchi (see this useful guide for more information)

To cook the gnocchi I placed them in boiling water. After a while the gnocchi rises to the top, and you cook them for a minute longer, before removing.

I made a simple sauce of onion, garlic and tomato, to go with the gnocchi.


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