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17th July 2010 Beer festival in heart of France – featuring vegetarian and vegan beers

June 10, 2010

Felletin is hosting it’s first Fête de la Bière, next month. Featuring beers from Wales, Austria and Germany, in addition to locally brewed beers (there are three breweries in the department of La Creuse, one in Felletin, and one located 3km from it). Fellis, the beer brewed in Felletin is vegan.

Andrea and Bruce, who run a vegetarian B&B, in the beautiful market town of Felletin, have been involved from the start in the organisation of the event. “We have been planning this for over a year. In February we went to Wales with a group of people from the association to sample some British beers,” Andrea explains. “By chance we attended the Wrexham beer festival on the evening Wales played France in the 6 nations. I turned up with my 6 French friends drapped in French Flags, and we got a few odd looks at first, but everyone had a great time.” Andrea and her French friends brought beer back from Wales for the festival.

The Felletin beer festival will also have a vide grenier (a car boot sale) and live music. Andrea and Bruce will also be ensuring there is vegetarian food available.

Where to stay? Well, if you want to stay within staggering distance of the festival you are going to have to be quick. The vegetarian guest house, 3 Place des Arbres, is almost full. However the apartment is still available to rent for the week (252euros) or just the weekend (204euros for 3 nights).

For more information contact Bruce and Andrea or visit their site, where you can check availability.

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