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Trailer for “Simply Raw”: a film about reversing diabetes through a raw food diet

April 16, 2009

Click here to see the trailer for “Simply Raw” an independant documentary following 6 people with diabetes who appear to reverse their diabetes through changing their diet to raw vegan.

I am not convinced the raw food diet is for everyone (I know plenty of people who have a problem keeping weight on, and need the calories that foods such as rice and potatoes offer, for example. I am also unconvinced as to why it has to be all or nothing, why not increase your raw food intake, but still eat things that are cooked?), but clearly some people  find it necessary to completely and radically change their lifestyle.

Many people do not include any fresh vegetables in their diet. Just switching to a healthy vegetarian or vegan diet (and the elimination of alcohol and sugar) would also have a radical effect on diabetes.

Still, it is an interesting trailer and highlights the importance of diet and health.

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