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Spicy marinated olives

April 7, 2009

1 jar of olives, mixed if you like, drain if necessary. (I use Crespo black olives, with stones but no juice in the jar.)

½ tsp chilli flakes

1 large garlic clove, crushed

Freshly ground black pepper

A sprinkle of sea salt

1 tsp mixed herbs

Olive oil to cover

Take some of the olives out of the jar and eat them, you need to make some space for shaking.

Put other ingredients on top of the olives in the jar, ending with the olive oil (only put enough oil into fill half the jar), then shake vigorously for about a minute.

Put in the fridge then give them a shake every time you remember to. They will be delicious in a few days, better if you can leave them for longer… great in salads, on pizzas or, with a cold glass of pineau, as an aperitif in the sun.

Humpbuckle Hint

Use the oil after the olives have been eaten to make your salad dressing, or just top up with more olives (it saves on the washing up)

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