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Can vegans eat well in France?

March 23, 2009

If you are prepared to do your own cooking then certainly. Otherwise, make sure you book into a vegetarian/vegan chambres d’hotes (like this one).

One of the best things about France is the wide range of fresh fruit and vefresh vegetables bought from our local marketgetables that are available, many of which are grown locally. This makes cooking good vegan food a delight. Foods such as brown lentils are also widely available (red lentils take a bit more effort to find – you may have to go to a Bio (organic) shop, or one of the larger supermarkets).

One product that is surprisingly easy to get hold of is soya, in all it’s forms (although chunks and mince are usually only available in Bio shops). Even in the smaller supermarkets you can find soya milk, tofu, soya yogurts and other goods.

Ready meals are less available (which is generally a good thing, but there are times when you simply want to bung something under the grill, rather than cook it from scratch).

Vegan wine is difficult to find as the labeling of all foods is poor in comparison to the UK. The beer in our town (Felis, brewed in a tiny micro-brewery near the railway station in Felletin) is vegan.

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