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Chili non-carni (vegan chili)

March 11, 2009

Andrea’s Chili non-carni . A delicious vegan chili made with tofu: a recipe from vegetarian B&B in the heart of France
Another one of Andrea’s most popular dishes. This can also be turned into a rather delicious vegan shepherds pie…

1 large onion (chopped finely)
6 medium mushrooms (chopped finely)
Four cloves of garlic (crushed if you want it strong, sliced if less strong)
Pinch of black pepper
100mls red wine
3 small carrots (chopped finely)
Carton of passata (or large tin of tomatos)
Tbsp harrissa
Flat tsp coco powder
2 tsp paprika (smoked is good if you can get it)
1 vegetable stock cube
Tbsp sunflower oil for frying
Tsp mixed herbs
½ tsp sugar
150-200g block of tofu (crumbled – squish it with your hands for a rough uneven texture)
Tbsp tomato puree
1 red pepper
½ tsp cumin
400g of cooked (or tinned) kidney beans

Fry the onions in sunflower oil for 2 minutes, add the mushrooms. Fry for a further 2-3 minutes. Add garlic, fry for 1 minute. Add black pepper.

Add red wine and bring to boil.
Add all other ingredients (except for kidney beans). (If you like it hot at this stage add some chopped jalapenos, if you like your chilli with a bit of texture add 50g of soya mince – you will need to add more water – 100mls at a time, but you will need to judge it as it is not an exact science).
Bring back to boil and simmer for 15 minutes.
Add kidney beans.

Check seasoning – heat should build up slowly, rather than hitting you between the eyes! Add more to taste. Colour should be dark and rich. Feel free to add water at any point if you feel the mixture is too thick.

If you can wait the flavour improves. Best to leave until the next day, but just by turning off the heat, covering it and leaving it for an hour or more, before re-heating it and serving, you will notice a deeper flavour.

Serve with tortillas and/or rice with guacomoli and jalapenos.
Also delicious in a jacket potato. Or to make a superbly spicy vegan “shepherds pie” put chilli into an oven proof dish, top with mash and bake it in the oven until the potato goes a light brown – YUM!
Next step? Try experimenting by adding different types of beans/vegetables.

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